Book Club Winner

In The Many Daughters of Afong Moy by Jaime Ford. Dorothy Moy is a Seattle poet with depression. When her 5-year-old shows familiar symptoms, Dorothy tried an experimental therapy: connecting, via memory, with past generations of women in her family. Her experiences raise a fascinating question: Do we inherit trauma from our ancestors?

Twisty Suspense

Even if you haven’t read Lisa Jewel’s megahit The Family Upstairs, you’ll love her stand-alone sequel, The Family Remains. A thrilling cast of characters’ lives collide in ways you won’t see coming. Set in London, Chicago, and France, this intricate page-turner about secrets, family loyalty, and revenge is the perfect end-of-the-summer novel.

Block Party

Upgrade your vinyasa practice with candy-colored foam blocks that provide extra support for people with flexibilty issues, such as arthritis. To buy: Form + Function Foam Marble Yoga Block set, $25; Oak Reed

On The Ball

This textured foam roller helps massage away soreness for a faster recovery. Plus, at just three inches in diameter, it won’t take up space in your gym bag. To buy: All in Motion Foam Massage Ball, $6; Target