How often should I wash my favorite jeans?

When it comes to washing your jeans, maybe just don’t? Many fashion designers and fabric experts recommend laundering your denim only once for every 10 wears, because every time you do, the fibers relax a little more, loosening the fit and losing some color. If you’re worried about hygiene, science says you don’t have toContinue reading “How often should I wash my favorite jeans?”


They may be reminiscent of Woodstock, but today’s flares have a high waist and clean, modern silhouette that lengthens the legs. Pair them with a cropped sweater or blazer for everyday style or lean into their rock-and-roll vibe with a denim-on-denim-on-denim combo. Either way–keep accessories simple and let your jeans do the talking. To Buy:Continue reading “flares”

the new blues

If we had to pick a phrase to describe the season’s denim trends, it would be: All over the place! With so many cuts and rises, shapes and washes, what’s a jeans lover to do? Follow your heart–and our guide to making them work for you. by Faran Krentcil