Eat the marshmallow today!

In a classic psychological experiment from the 1970s, called the marshmallow test. Standford researchers found that a child’s ability to delay gratification (i.e., to not eat the marshamallow in front of them in order to get two marshmallows later) correlated with higher achievement later in life. Good to power through the pain now to seeContinue reading “Eat the marshmallow today!”

Accept that your to-do list will never be done.

“Never,” Holmes says. We may feel good about ourselves when we get the gold star, but “checking off a series of small, routine stuff is rarely the path to life satisfaction,” she says. Stop trying to do everything on your list before you have any time for what you genuinely want to do. (Nope, “optimizing”Continue reading “Accept that your to-do list will never be done.”

Examine the root of your devotion to productivity.

When you were growing up, did your relationship with your parents feel transactional, with their love, attention, or rewards doled out based on your performance rather than your inherent worth? Deep down, do you ever feel like breaks are for wimps, whiners, and entitled people who aren’t as tough or hardworking as you? Do youContinue reading “Examine the root of your devotion to productivity.”