Living Room


Run a lint roller over the sofa and fluff the pillows. A fabric shaver can rid your couch of fuzz balls from throw blankets.

Wipe pet hair off surfaces with damp rubber gloves. They’re seriously like magnets.

Light a candle or spray air freshener to mask any odors.


Pass tech wipes over your electronics. (These are generally drier than regular wipes.)

Clean under the safe cushions. A hand vacuum is, well, handy here. Use the long crevice attachment, then the brush attachment, to help pull up embedded crumbs.

Wipe down the wooden frames of your furniture with a microfiber cloth, especially if they have carvings with crannies that trap dust.

This might seem extra, but cleaning the leaves of broad-leaf plants, like monsteras, can keep them healthier. Quickly rinse them in the sink or shower, or gently wipe each leaf with a damp rag if the plant is too heavy to move.


Black+Decker Cordless Handheld vacuum, $49;

Windex Electronics Wipes, $6.50 for 25;

Steamery Pilos 2 Fabric Shaver, $60;

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