Astrology leaves room for religion and free will.

I was born with a birth defect that left me bedridden and isolated for years. With some convincing, my mother, an astrology scholar, agreed to teach me how to read birth charts so I could envision a future for myself.

She said the arrangement of celestial bodies at our birth reveals insights into our personalities, but astrology’s greatest value is how it helps us time events for optimal results. Still, there’s no consequence to disregarding astrological advice. It’s like a weather report. You don’t have to carry the umbrella, buat it’s useful to know ahead of time that you might want one.

Some people think astrology contradicts religion. I believe the cornerstone of all religions is taking responsibility for our actions. Many people unfamiliar with astology assume my forecasts are about predestined events, but that’s not true. Nothing in astrology is predestined.

Susan Miller, Founder of Astrology Zone

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