Credit Cards

Take the Guesswork out of Points and Rewards

Card Curator (Premium)

Cost: $6 per month

Rather than acummulating points and then trying to figure out when and where to use them, work backward with Card Curator. Set a goal–tickets to Fiji, a two-week tour of Tuscany–and the app steers you to the credit cards to use for each purchase to maximize the points you’ll need.

Why it’s a winner: For people who’d love to save on travel but don’t have the time or patience to reearch and optimize. Card Curator is a valuable adviser. “I love that it automatically updates with the latest rewards–one less thing to have to monitor,” says Judge Dawn Dahlby.

Cut Big Purchases into Smaller Payment Chunks

Chase My Chase Plan

Cost: Fixed monthly fee (Amount varies per user)

Your car breaks down, Your roof leaks. Your water heater dies. We all have moments when we’re hit with a big unavoidable expense. Existing Chase credit card holders can use My Chase Plan to break down any purchase over $100 into installments, without accruing the interest you normally would after not paying a bill in full. In the app, click on the purchase and choose a payment plan ranging from 3 to 18 months. The purchase appears as a smaller amount on your monthly bill until it’s paid off.

Why It’s a Winner: While experts warn that this is not a tool for splurging on a $400 pair of sneakers, it’s ideal for handling a big emergency expense. “This is a great solution for people who are on a tight budget or are temporarily financially challenged,” says judge Cathy Curtis.

Earn Cash for What You Need

Citi Custom Cash Card

Cost: $0

The idea is simple. Every month, Citi determines where you spent the most grocery stores, restaurants, lie entertainment (hey, tickets to Harry Styles!)–and gives you five times the cash back in that category (up to $500). Next month, if your biggest expense category changes, the Citi card adjusts, so you reap the extra bang for those bucks without any effort.

Why It’s A Winner: “Finally, a company that recognizes that monthly budgets aren’t carbon copies of each other,” says judge Julien Saunders. We like to think of it as getting a discount on something you were going to buy anyway.

Get Rewarded for Earth-Friendly Purchases

FutureCard Visa Card

This climate-conscious card isn’t oly for your montly trian pass; you’re likely already buying a lot of reward-eligible items. Ever ride a rental bike instead of taking a car? Shop online for vintage clothes? Use a charging station for your electric car? Those and much more all qualify for 5 percent cash back. You can even earn cash back on your Thanksgiving Tofurky–plant-based meat is eligible!

Why It’s A Winner: IF you’re already an eco-conscious shopper, this card puts money in your (recycled denim) pocket. On top of that: It might encourage you to make better choices. “I love that it’s incentivizing habits that are good for the planet,” Sabatier says. And if you occasionally balk at the higher price of sustainable goods, “the cash back help ssubsidize that,” says judge Stephanie McCullough.

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