Pia Thompson

The lawyer turned professional organizer launched her KonMari-based company, Sweet Digs, in 2020. She’s all about tidying up as self-care.

Hanging Rack

“Most people don’t need the amount of long hanging space they have in a closet,” Pia says. “This doubles the storage in your closet in a snap.”

To Buy: Arabella Double Closet Rod, $20; Wayfair

Sock Saver

“We’ve all been a victim of a lost sock,” Pia says. With this hanger, you can wash, dry, and store your socks together, so you never have to search for a mate again.

To Buy: Sockdock Laundry Hanger, $25; Amazon

Styling Storage

Blow-dryers and curling irons can be tricky to store. An over-the-door bin keeps them in line and helps wrangle cords.

To Buy: Over the Cabinet Door Hair Styling Tool Storage, $22.50; m Design

Bottle Holder

“This makes use of the vertical space often left untouched in a cabinet and allows you to grab what you need fast,” Pia says.

To Buy: UpSpace Water Bottle and Travel Mug Organizer, $25; youCopia

Car Organizer

A foldable box with pockets can help corral junk in the trunk, then be discreetly tucked away when not in use.

To Buy: Large Trunk Organizer, $30; honey-can-do

Battery Pack

Got a box full of batteries rolling around? Never quite sure when you need to restock those AAs? This sectioned keeper can store 93 batteries–and test them too!

To Buy: The Battery Organizer and Tester, $20; Amazon

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