Kirsten Ferguson

Kirsten worked with the NFL for seven years before becoming a Peloton Instructor and certified cycling and run coach. In her free time, she likes to work out with her two daughters.

Best Buds

“Whether I am out for a run, doing burpees, or dancing around my house while making a playlist for a class, these earbuds don’t move,” Kirsten says.

To Buy: Beats Fit Pro, $200; beats by dre

Put a Ring On It

this discreet sleep and activity tracker wraps around your finger. “It’s really comfortable to wear, and it’s given me some interesting insights ito how I can improve my output by getting proper sleep,” Kirsten says.

To Buy: Oura Ring Generation 3, from $299; Oura

Matcha Mixer

“This mixer helps me stir my matcha but also gives me that foamy latte I love so much without having to run to a coffee shop,” she says.

To Buy: Modern Matcha Starter Set, $25; jade leaf matcha

Family Fitness

When it’s raining or the kids are off from school Kirsten turns to the Fit Family classes on this app. “My daugthers love music, and we do something active and fun together as a family!”

To Buy: Peloton App, $13 per month; Peloton

Fit Fryer

As a mom on the go, Kirsten frequently turns to her air fryer for quick meals. “I typically throw chicken tenders in there, and I have dinner for my kids and lunch for the lunch box the next day.”

To Buy: Instant Vortex Plus ClearCook + OdorErase (6qt) Air Fryer, $160; Williams Sonoma

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