Brandon Peshek

Brandon is a third-generation cleaning pro whose instructional videos on how to clean pretty much anything have racked up 1.3 million followers on TikTok.

Smiley Sponge

“This is my favorite of the Scrub Daddy sponges,” Brandon says. “The foam and flexible texture help you clean just about any surface.”

To Buy: Scrub Mommy Sponges, $4 each; Scrub Daddy

Scrub Down

Brandon uses this brush to clean tile, grout, cement, and even the occasional carpet.

To Buy: 18V One+ Power Scrubber, $79; Ryobi Tools

Carpet Cleaner

“This is the best at-home spot cleaner I’ve ever used,” he says. “For pet messes and kid spills and everything in between, it’s my go-to.”

To Buy: CleanSlate Spot Cleaner, $130; Hoover

Carpet Rake

This tool is oddly satisfying to use. “It’s great for removing hair–pet or human–loosening up dirt before vacuuming and giving that finishing touch after carpet cleaning,” he says.

To Buy: Westpak 18-inch Carpet Rake, $29; encap store

Pet-Hair Brush

Use the rubber blade to pull fur from your car, couch, or bed. “Pet hair comes with my job, and this is nice and compact,” Brandon says.

To Buy: Mini Pet Hair Detailer, $15; Chewy

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