Nastasia Yakoub

Born into a strict Middle Eastern Chaldean family, Nastasia broke barriers in 2014 when she created Dame Traveler, a community for female travelers. She’s been to more than 65 countries, photographing her adventures and sharing tips and recommendations along the way.

Packable Brush

This brush was designed to protect hair from breakge, but it’s also superlight, making it the ideal on-the-go styling tool.

To Buy: Manta Healthy Hairbrush, $30; Anthropologie

Safety Alarm

This personal alarm hooks to your key chain and has a powerful siren and flashing light.

To Buy: Birdie, $30;

Travel Charger

“The last thing you need is to be stuck with a dead phone, especially if you want to take photos or videos,” Nastasia says. She never leaves hoe without this charger.

To Buy: Anker PowerCore II Portable Charger, $69; Amazon

Resusable Pouches

“I pack everything form airplane snacks to small toiletries in these instead of using plastic bags,” Nastasia says.

To Buy: Zip Top Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags, $71 for 8; Amazon

Beautiful Buds

Block out the crying baby o rthe person snoring next to you with a pair of surprisingly cute earplugs that look nothing like those cut-rate foam ones.

To Buy: Experience Earplugs, $30;

Seat Cover

How many butts were in your chair before you? “This seat cover leaves your clothes fresh and helps keep germs at bay,” Nastasia says.

To Buy: Fits Everywhere Nice Seat, $59; Nice Seats

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