Beau Ciolino & Matt Armato

The couple cover all things entertaining, DIY, and decor on Instagram and in their new book, Housewarming.

Wine Coaster

“This keeps the bottle’s temperature just right and helps prevent condesation marks on your table,” Matt says.

To Buy: Marble Wine Bottle Coasters, $19.50 each; Pottery Barn

Stackable Glasses

These come in mixed colors so everone can ID their own cup.

To Buy: Drinking Glasses, $50 for 4; http://fromyourplace.com

Cheese Markers

“No need to memorize fancy cheese names!” Beau says. These will save you from repeating “Gorgonzola” to every guest.

To Buy: Chalkboard Cheese Markers, $15 for 6; Crate and Barrel

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