Pet Tricks

Have a sofa scratcher or cord biter on your hands? Keep your pet (and your things) safe with these solutions for a pet-friendly home.

Think Like an Animal

Step into your pet’s shoes–er, paws–to consider her needs. Felines are both predator and prey, so they appreciate a perch, such as a cat tree or empty bookshelf near a window, where they can observe their surroundings. If you leave your windows open, me sure they’re outfitted with screens to prevent curious critters from escaping. Keep candles out of reach and block the fireplace with a folding screen. Before introducing a new plant into your home double-check that it’s pet-safe in case your pal decides it looks like a snack.

Safeguard Your Home

Remove dangerous temptations. Secure loose cords to baseboards or protect them with a cover. Rubber bands & string can wreak havoc on your pet’s digestive systems, so stow them in a drawer or closed container. If you own a bird, eliminate any kitchen supplies with Teflon. When heated, the material emits a toxin that can damage your bird’s respiratory tract.

Tire Them Out

If your pet is bored, he’s more likely to find something of yours to entertain himself with (such as that new pair of shoes). He may also wake you with pent-up energy during the night, so give him enough activity & stimulation throughout the day. Dogs should generally go on at least two 20-minute walks a day, though it depends on breed & age. Keep in mind that some pets are nocturnal, so if you don’t want a night owl shuffling around while you’re getting some shut-eye, try situating him in another room overnight.

Pet-Proof the Backyard

Not all pets should go outside, but if yours does, take a few precautions. Store fertilizer & sharp lawn tools in a sealed container or secure garden shed. To keep your dog in the yard, make sure your fence convers the entre perimeter and high enough that he can’t jump over it. Inspect it regularly for exposed nails or splinters that could harm your pet. If you’re worried about a sneaky animal escaping, consider attaching a GPS tracking device to her collar so your can view her activity & location. And always provide fresh water so she doesn’t get dehydrated or drink from a sketchy source

Pet Helpers



This modern piece can withstand over 2,000 pet scratches in the same spot, making it tough to ruin.

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Fight boredom: This automated gaming hub generates puzzles based on your dog’s abilities.

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Swap out a dated cat tree for this pretty floating perch.

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