Optimize Your Hormone Balance

“Almost no adult eats enough fiber,” says dietitian and book author Kathleen Niedert. That’s not good: Fiber stabilizers blood sugar levels, which is key to preventing or managing diabetes or its precursors. Insoluble fiber (the indigestible kind) feeds bacteria in the intestines that help lead to hormonal balance. Women over 50 need 21 grams a day; men need 30 grams. Only 5% of us eat that much. Niedert suggests bran cereal daily. Or add bran to oatmeal, smoothies or casseroles (a mere 1/4 cup delivers about a quarter of daily needs). Next, eat loads of fruits and vegetables. Then, replace refined grains and breads with whole-grain everything. Brown rice has six times more fiber than white. A barley serving delivers about 6 grams of mostly insoluble fiber.

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