Why glitter is irresistible?

Adding bling to phone cases, bedecking Dorothy-worthy shoes, even getting swirled into margaritas: Glitter seems to be everywhere. Why are humans so attracted to its sparkle?

Our love for the shiny stuff goes way back. “Ancient Mayans were said to have used mica to decorate their temples to create glittering surfaces,” Lee says. “Glittery things scatter light. We’re drawn to light, and these shimmering clumps reflect it in a natural way.” Light bounces off glitter with the same transfixing irregularity of sun off waves, captivating our attention.

Of course, we also feel joy because we associate glitter with opulence and celebration, Lee says. (Christmas decorations, birthday parties, princesses!) So sprinkle it around, but opt for an eco-friendly version-the plastic variety may take about 1,000 years to biodegrade.

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