Ahhh…Peaceful Rain Forest

Rest your gaze on this photo and let your eyes explore the color, light, and shadow. Allow your mind to wander, noticing the shapes, patterns, and sense of movement. Notice if any emotions arise—like calm, warmth, or joy. Notice your breathing; for a few minutes, let it be natural and relaxed as you enjoy the image.

Now Imagine that you are in the middle of a big, beautiful rain forest. Look up at the trees above you, seeing the dense forest of wet branches and leaves. Notice the different shapes and colors of the leaves and flowers with the sun streaming through.

Look down and see a bubbling stream flowing past your feet. Notice the floating leaves and smooth, glistening rocks. Listen to the sounds of birds and rain droplets on the leaves. Smell the tropical flowers and the dampness of the earth. Feel the soft carpet of fallen leaves on the forest floor beneath your feet and the warm air of the rain forest on your skin.

Immerse yourself in a sense of relaxation and ease, fully enjoying the peaceful sensations of the beautiful rain forest.

–Jamie Price, Stop, Breathe & Think

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