Sun Damage Is Cumulative

“I grew up in the 70’s in Bakersfield, CA. Our summers were very hot, and we all sunbathed poolside with baby oil and spent hours baking in the sun. I had plenty of bad burns in my childhood and remember my nose, back, and shoulders peeling. I’m now 51 and haven’t had any cancerous or precancerous skin issues yet. I wear sunscreen–but my arms and legs are showing signs of skin damage, with brown spots. “

Joan, Date Farmer in Newport Beach, California

The derm says: “Using SPF 50 or higher is fantastic, but you are all your exposures that occur over your lifetime–increasing your risk of premature aging and brown spots. “

Doris Day, MD, Dermatologist in New York City and cohost of The Gist on YouTube

Prevent new spots: Isdin Erfotona Ageless SPF 50+, $66;

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