Everyone Needs SPF

“When I was 12, I went to Mexico and came back with my entire sunburned. I’d never had a sunburn before–I thought it was some sort of crazy skin reaction until my mom told me it was from not wearing SPF. I’m African American, and I think a lot of people with melanin-rich skin think they don’t need sunscreen, but that’s not true. I apply it daily, especially on my face and neck, and have zero sunspots or wrinkles. I’m glad I learned early. “

Chrystina, Marketing Executive in Los Angeles

The derm says: “There’s a common phrase: ‘Black don’t crack.’ But it does. It’s true that darker skin has some natural protection from the sun, but it’s nowhere near the SPF recommended for daily use. Luckily, sunscreen has been revolutionized in the past decade. There are plenty of sheer versions that don’t leave a white cast on darker skin.”

Elyse Love, MD

A good option for all skin tones: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 55, $11; at drugstores.

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