Mind Magic

Check out this health havk in action. Alexa, play “I’m a Believer.”


Imagine this: Stressed employees watch a video game about how detrimental burnout is to well-being, while others view a clip about how workplace worry is beneficial. This test really happened: Take researchers had colleagues watch a stress-is-good video and found they had lower blood pressure and higher job satisfaction than the ones who got info about the darker side of it all.


Fifty college students rated how well they’d slept the previous night, then got hooked up to machines they were told would measure brain waves. Researchers informed some they’d gotten crappy REM sleep, and others that they got a solid amount. Both groups were given a math problem. Spoiler: The students under the impression they’d had good sleep outperformed the others.


Two groups were asked to drink the same 380-calorie milkshake in a study in Health Psychology. One group was told it was a 140-calorie “sensible” shake and the other was told it was a 620-calorie decadent treat. The people who got the “indulgent” drink were less hungry and more satisfied after finishing theirs than the sensible-shake crew.

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