There’s no downplaying the Big C… except when headlines are misleading. In December, a National Institute of Health study that linked permanent hair dyes to an increased risk for breast cancer caused quite a stir, so here’s the fine print: while women who used perks dye in the past year were 9-plus percent more likely to develop great cancer (the figure climbed to 60% for African-American women who colored at least every five weeks, possibly because of differences in dye type and/or hair texture), those included in the study had sisters with the disease-meaning their genetic risk was higher. “The results are inconclusive,” says Stephanie Bernik, MD, chief of breast cancer surgery at Mount Sinai West. If you have a family history of breast cancer, though, it can’t hurt to space out your touch-ups or opt for semi-perma color instead: Researchers think some chemicals in permanent dyes could disrupt estrogen levels.

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I'm a housewife, and mother of a 6 year old dog. I don't have kids.

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